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随着5G的部署开始流行,in various places so is catching up a worry about potential health effects of this technology.How meaningful it can be to the 5G deployment remains unclear but the recent news …vwin



The website of STUK (Säteilyturvakeskus) in Finland states: "The mission of the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) is to ensure radiation safety in Finland." To do so,organization needs qualified experts.When experts are lacking,organization might provide misinformation …vwim德赢

Australia's Optus is turbo-charging 5G roll-out


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As in the well known proverb: THE DOGS BARK,BUT THE CARAVAN GOES ON… …and the deployment of the 5G,that was never tested for human and animal health impact,proceeds at very fast pace,as Optus‘ CEO specified "we …Continue reading

5G MIMO塔的安全限制和部署


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Will the deployment of the 5G MIMO towers in India will be challenging because of the lower safety limits for emissions from cell towers?India has implemented safety limits for emissions of radiation from cell towers that are 1/10 of …Continue reading